• Harvest begins — headed for the cellar.

Pocai Vineyard (Est. 1906)

The Pocai Vineyard has been continuously farmed by our family for over 100 years, ever since Frank Ballentine’s great-grandparents purchased it in 1906. Purchased with a pile of gold coins, Pocai Vineyard is the home to most of our red wines. Pocai is located off the Silverado Trail in the Calistoga AVA, at the north end of Napa Valley. The soil is Bale gravelly loam, the rockiest soil of our three vineyards, and historic in its own right. It was given the name “Bale” in tribute to Dr. Edward T. Bale, a Napa Valley pioneer and founder of the Bale Grist Mill in 1846. Composed of little rocks, it’s only found in Napa Valley. The fertility of the soil is low, but the drainage is excellent and is perfect for growing grapes.

Pocai Vineyard produces Ballentine Vineyard’s big red wines with expressive, robust tannins. The tannins are playful on the palate, pairing exceptionally well with red meats, robust cheeses, and a variety of foods. In addition to the releases listed below, we grow Merlot and Malbec. Current estate-grown single-vineyard wines from various blocks in Pocai Vineyard include: